City Wide Clean Up Sat. August 16

"I challenge all residents of Lexington to step up and help clean up the city to make it more attractive for people coming in for fair events starting August 17. This is a wonderful community event and Lexington needs to look it's very best," said City Administrator Mark Rounds. Let's meet at City Hall on August 16 at 8:00 am. Bags will be provided and volunteers will be sent to specific areas to pick-up trash. Thanks for your support!

Legendary Lexington in Retrospect
Image provided by Arcadia publishing from the book, Images of America: Lexington

Main Street Lexington: Join Us!
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City Positions to Update Comprehensive Master Plan

The City of Lexington has not had a comprehensive master plan update since 1996. City Administrator Mark Rounds said having a community-driven, well-rounded plan is long overdue. “Without an updated plan that includes an economic development assessment, it is much more difficult to receive state and federal funds that would support infrastructure improvements,” he said. “A comprehensive plan is the prerequisite for any grant funding. That’s why we are jump starting efforts to get one completed before the year ends.”

Rounds talks more about comprehensive master plan
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