Police Department


The members of the Lexington Police Department are sworn to provide the maximum level of public service and to enhance the quality of life in the community through fair and balanced enforcement of law and respect for all citizens. The Department is committed to doing this through the highest level of professional standards and ethical conduct through education and continued partnership with the community.


  • We will perform our duties with honesty and be committed to ethical beliefs beyond reproach, in both conduct and performance.
  • We will be loyal and dedicated to our citizens and our Department co-workers while adhering to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.
  • Our professionalism will be demonstrated through our courteous and respectful treatment of others, remembering that we are entrusted with providing a safe environment to all citizens, regardless of their social or economic status.
  • We recognize that we must adhere to our principles to earn and retain the trust of the community, and therefore pledge to hold ourselves accountable to this commitment of excellence.