Animal Control

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The Lexington Animal Control program is a service provided by the city of Lexington to enhance the safety and welfare of our community.  The Animal Control program is staffed by Lexington's Animal Control Officer Melissa Perkins who also serves as the Community Service Officer.  The Animal Control Shelter (aka the Pound) is located on Riverfront Street in Lexington.  To schedule a visit to see one of our adoptable animals, or to bring a donation, please call Animal Control at 660-259-2121.  

The fastest and most effective way to report a lost pet or stray animal is to contact the Animal Control Officer at 660-259-2121. Calling this number helps the city collect and maintain data on animal control needs in our community.  Please do not use Facebook or other electronic communication to report lost, found, or stray animals in our city.  

To volunteer, please use the sign-up link on the left column.  Volunteers are needed 365 days a year for walking dogs, socializing cats, and general cleaning.  Additional volunteer opportunities may be available such as fostering dogs and cats, assisting with fundraising efforts with Adopt a Pound Pal, and transporting animals for vet care or transfer to rescue.